The Google revolution

What would the world have been like without Google? It shouldn’t be too difficult to answer this question, taken into consideration that the company has been around for only less than 20 years.

But really, what would life be like without Google? Most people will find it hard to imagine, considering how much of our daily tasks are now aided by different tools offered by Google – Google Search, Mail, Drive, Docs, Maps, Reader, among others.

I was led to ponder on this question when The Economist, on its Free Exchange blog, posted a commentary about Google’s announcement of shutting down Google Reader, a tool that has become essential for a great number of users, particularly writers. This led the author to contemplate on how Google has significantly changed the world. This, I think, is a fact that no one at this point would dare challenge.

One of the most salient points of the article is how facts and issues are becoming less mentally committing, and that connecting things to memory has become less of a priority as “Googling” (searching a term on Google) is a far easier and more convenient way to search for necessary information.

Have we really entered a Google-dominated era? Has Google rendered human work and intelligence less significant? Tell me what you think under comments’ below.

Knut Harald Nylænde, Chief Executive Officer of Moxie AS, is a tour de force in the Norwegian financial sector. With degrees from Norway’s best business schools and more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Knut is known as an excellent business development consultant and investor.