Could oil, gas and coal be obsolete as energy sources in just a few years?

The thoughts I present in this address is inspired by Nils Holme’s article in Dagens Næringsliv on November 1 st under the heading: The next energy shock? Nils Holme is former MD of FFI (Norwegian Defense Research Institute) and presently working in Civita, a Norwegian liberal-conservative think tank. On the other hand, I think Nils Holme is inspired by an article on the web “livefyre” in August this year, by Taylor Tyler, who presented some of the research and testing going on in several laboratories about LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions).

Through a type of nuclear reaction that occurs near room temperature, LENR could produce energy that is much cleaner, safer, simpler, and cheaper than any other energy source currently known. The process works essentially by merging hydrogen with nickel, after which a transmutation occurs to form copper and energy such as heat and electricity.

Skeptical scientists have long clumped LENR in the category of pseudo-science, claiming that the currently known laws of physics don’t permit such a device to work, and repeatedly failed experiments and a lack of convincing theoretical explication have strengthened those claims, deterring many from dedicating necessary resources to LENR research, says Tyler. Both Tyler and Holme are respectful of the lack of scientific proof and support of what is going on, but at the same time overwhelmed by the potential if the ongoing test programs succeed.

Imagine a world where there is no need for gasoline or power grids, where every family, community or office can generate their own power through a device that could replace water heaters – operating self-sustainably. Physics could finally be far separated from politics. Too good to be true? Well, what struck my mind when I read these articles is that a new Universe Law may be at work here. It is human beings’ normal mindset to be overconfident about most things, but the best scientists within natural sciences are often heard to say that we do not know everything; something is still missing in scientific efforts to see and understand the totality of all interconnections in our universe. One thing seems to be agreed upon, though, that a “Natural Law is the uniform and orderly method of omnipotent Energy”. This agreement also covers the statement that seven subsidiary laws to the law of omnipotent Energy govern energy transmutation, and these seven absolute laws mandate how energy shapes and reshapes on this planet and in this universe. All happens in accordance with these laws. All science is based on this fact and all event fall under subjection to this fact. So, then – why should not the merging of hydrogen with nickel create energy without scientists knowing exactly why? – and why should we not accept that the present platform of wisdom is not complete in this field? Something is missing, obviously, and one day the LENR mystery may emerge as a new subsidiary law to the Natural Law of Energy. The scientist who grasps the theory and proves it may be awarded a Nobel price – even if the “doers” have made LENR actually work since long by the time the price is awarded. Nature normally beats man. Such is life!

Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, acknowledges that LENR has “the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste.” The fact that a successful LENR conquering the energy markets most probably will do severe damage to the Norwegian oil propelled economy, is another question, and quite a challenge.

Knut Harald Nylænde is an active investor in a number of companies from his base in Oslo. Most of the investments are done through his investment and advisory company Moxie AS. In many of his investments he is an advisor to the management.